Kat and Shaun’s Wedding

When Kat and Shaun told me they were getting married at the Vail Racquet Club, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would the ceremony be on the tennis courts? Would the guys be getting ready in the locker room while the girls wear velour jump suits and headbands?

Then I Googled. it and wow, “Racquet Club” is being used loosely. This place was a beautiful resort with an amazing backdrop that just happen to be sprinkled here and there with tennis courts. It’s sandwiched between a beautiful creek and an Aspen covered mountain range. After looking at the photos, we knew that we had to be a part of their wedding day.

Kat and Shaun had a different approach to their wedding day than most couples. They didn’t want to be cheesy or cliche with their wedding day. It was refreshing to be around a couple that went out of their way to be true to themselves. They still had beautiful, intimate moments, but we thought their expectations and attitudes were so perfect and reasonable. It made our job really easy and fun.

The evening ended with one of the most epic dance parties we’ve ever filmed. There wasn’t a square foot on the dance floor that wasn’t filled with a friend or family member shaking their groove thing.

It was a wonderful day with a fantastic couple. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all and capturing it for you.



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