3 Cute Ideas for Asking Your Besties to be Bridesmaids

Why just ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids over the phone when you could make a simple gesture and help them feel extra special. Here are our three of our favorite options:

1.) Give a personalized bottle of wine. This is cute and it comes with wine (no brainer). Bridesmaids love that!

Our favorite line for your bottle – “I’d be such a happy bride with you sipping by my side.” Get it?

Encourage your bridesmaids to share the bottle with their significant other who will be making a sacrifice too…or don’t. At Ampersand Family, we think wine is ALWAYS a good idea.

Photo Credit: Classic Wedding Design 

2.) Propose with caffeine and a custom label. Everyone loves coffee…and if they don’t, do you really want them in your wedding anyways?  Starbucks2

Photo Credit: ElenasLittleShoppe

3.) Most of your bridesmaids probably have hair (we’re just guessing). Request them with a hair tie.

These are cute, useful and simple (budget friendly fo sho).  You can use the line, “I can’t tie the knot without you.” Adorable.

Hair Ties

Photo Credit: LoveMiaCo

Make your ladies feel extra special, treat them to a little gift and let them know their presence is valuable to you. Make sure to plan out who will be in your wedding pretty early on in the process. Give your bridal party plenty of time to plan to take off work and to adjust their budget so they can partake in the festivities. Happy bridal party hunting!






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