5 Tips For Keeping Your $h!t Together While Wedding Planning

He proposed, you said yes, and now it’s one of the happiest times of your life. Then the actual planning starts, and it’s your worst nightmare. There are vendors to book, reservations to make, registry to finish, and guests to invite. The list can seem endless and overwhelming sometimes. All the planning has to get done but it doesn’t have to cost your sanity. Here are some tips for keeping it together while planning for your big day.

1.) Make Time for Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, which will better your mood. Also a solid exercise regiment will help you sleep better at night which is better than staying awake stressing about your “to do” list. Another benefit, it will help you look even better on your big day!

2.) Accept the Nervousness. A wedding is a big deal, you will be the center of attention and not to mention, you’re making a major life decision. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about it. Talk to your fiancée about what is making you nervous and find out what might be making them nervous as well. You’re getting married; you should be able to talk about these things.

3.) Save Time for Date Nights. If you go out for a nice dinner or even stay in with some Netflix, spend quality time with your fiancée and stay connected throughout the madness. Make a pact not to talk about the wedding planning during date night, and focus on each other.

4.) Plan Your Fun. Ride bumper cars, pull a prank on the best man or skip hand and hand, as long as it’s something silly! . Playing can help you think more clearly and it will good be a good opportunity for you and your fiancée to laugh together.

5.) Treat Yourself. Get a massage or a pedicure or BOTH!  A good pampering session will do wonders for your stress level making these treats a necessity more than an indulgence.

It’s a busy stage of life but try to make some time for these tips or whatever helps you enjoy being engaged a little bit more!


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