5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding DJ

A good DJ is vital to a good reception. On the flip side, a not so good DJ can really make things awkward. For instance, your DJ announces the champagne toast, but your guests don’t have champagne glasses. That may damper the vibe just a bit, and it’s one among many mistakes a DJ could make that will make the reception less than perfect. We’ve known a DJ to announce it as the Father/Groom dance instead of Mother/Groom…yikes. There have even been DJ’s just starting out in the business who didn’t own all the music the bride wanted, so they played it off of Spotify, complete with commercials. One of our favorite anecdotes is that of a DJ that scratched all night and proceeded to hand out his mix tape toeveryone in attendance, including the bride’s grandmother. Even if the mix tape is on fire, you don’t want your DJ passing it out during your final dance. The potential pitfalls may seem daunting, so we have compiled our top 5 tips for hiring a great DJ.

1.)Ask for references from the DJ and then call those references. Previous clients will talk to you, either to tell you they loved him or hated him. Whichever it is, it will be helpful.

2.)Be sure the DJ provides a contract that guarantees you the date.

3.)Question him on how he reads crowds and what he does to keep them all on the dance floor. A good DJ will have experience in paying attention to his audience and plans to keep them excited. If you feel like you are clicking with the DJ it might be because he is reading you, which is a good sign.

4.)Make sure your DJ is spending time with you and is invested in being sure of what you want your reception to look like. Also he should absolutely be asking you which songs are on your ‘must play’ list and which are on the ‘must NOT play’ list.

5.)Ask him if he has backup equipment and if he’s ever had to use it. Also check to see if he’s worked at your venue before and if not what his plan is to be sure they will have the proper power hook-ups for his equipment. If he’s a professional, he’ll have a plan.

If after all this he still hands out a mix tape, send it to us at Ampersand Family because we probably want to hear it!

Here’s two DJ’s we’ve worked with that we recommend:

DJ Techjitsu

Elite DJ’s – ask for Tasos

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