5 Ways to Save When Planning Your Wedding

Unless you get married in your parents backyard with a vegetable tray reception, planning a wedding is expensive. There are definitely some areas in which you should not save but instead splurge. However, there are some areas in which you can scale back and still have a beautiful, classy wedding. We put together our top 5 to help you out.

cocktail1.) The Bar – Yes, guest prefer a full, open bar, who doesn’t? However, an open bar will cost you. Beer and wine with maybe a champagne toast or a signature cocktail in theme with your wedding are plenty to keep everyone on the dance floor but low key enough to prevent a drunk groomsmen from falling into your cake.

Dinner2.) The Dinner – No one is expecting their wedding reception meal to be the best steak of their life. Heavy hors d’oeuvres and a small buffet are classy and keep the party going.


Cake 3.) The Cake – You have a few options with this one. Instead of a 6-tier cake, opt for a smaller one then use sheet cake made with the same frosting, cut it up in the back and then serve it to your guests who are none the wiser. Also your cake could be made of your favorite sweet snack. Cakes made of Ding Dongs, Donuts, Oreos or whatever you prefer are trendy, cheaper and add a personal touch to your wedding. There’s always the classic, chocolate covered strawberries.

party favor4.) Party Favors -Instead of a small token at each seat, leave a printed card about the charity that you donated to in their honor. Most people prefer the money go to a good cause instead of some trinket they now have to take home and figure out what to do with.


Bridal party5.) Bridal Party Gifts – No one needs and engraved, silver ash tray with your wedding date on it. Something thoughtful and practical can be purchased at a reasonable rate. Try Amazon, they have everything on Amazon.


On your 5-year anniversary when you are cuddled up on the couch, drinking wine it will be your memories, wedding video and pictures that you fawn over, not the expensive meal you served to your guest, the crystal duck you gave your pridal party or the memory of your drunk uncle doing the chicken dance.

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