Ben and Sonja

We got the call from Ben and Sonja just days before their wedding. They had decided to hire a videographer and thankfully we were available. Nothing like waiting until the last minute you two! We were so happy to accommodate, especially since it was a quintessential Fort Collins style wedding.

Their day began at their house, getting ready with friends. The wedding took place at Everyday Joe’s, a great Fort Collins coffee shop. The ceremony contained one of the coolest traditions we’ve ever captured, a Celtic Binding. Different friends and family members tie ribbons around the hands of the bride and grooms to signify different aspects of their vows and of life and to wish them well in those areas. We loved getting to film a visual symbol for their marriage plus the colors pop on the screen and look cool. After the wedding ceremony they rode bikes over to one of the greatest outdoor venues in Fort Collins, Avogadro’s Number. The live band jammed the night away while the newlyweds enjoyed their friends, family and delicious beer.

Ben and Sonja are an amazing could and we wish them the absolute best! They had amazing attitudes and we loved working with them. Here’s to many more nights on Avo’s patio for you two! Cheers.

Ben & Sonja : Fort Collins, Colorado from Ampersand Family on Vimeo.

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