Carson and Anna

Carson and Anna’s wedding day started off like most, the girls were getting ready at the fancy hotel, Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Denver, while the guys waited until the last minute to put their tuxes on at the ceremony site. Nothing like a group of dude’s to help define the word procrastinate. One of the guys even forgot their tux…but we won’t mention names, coughCarsonthegroomcough.

The ceremony and reception were at one of our favorite locations to shoot, Spruce Mountain Ranch. It’s a gorgeous spot just outside of Colorado Springs with several rustic buildings and beautiful outdoor ceremony sites to choose from.

Carson and Anna were bold enough to let us try our slow-mo booth at their reception. It was our first go at it, and we absolutely could not have picked a better group to try it out on. They totally went for it. We did NOT expect a line of people waiting to get in the slow-mo booth, and we definitely did not bring enough silly sting. Lesson learned!



Our favorite part of the day though, was seeing Carson watch the video Anna had made for him. The passion for which she talked about Carson, and the authentic emotions he showed while hearing her were too much for us. No matter how good we are…we can’t capture that much love on film.


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