About Us


Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible. We hope to capture
your day in a thoughtful way, so you can relive it for years to come.

     With us, the entire process is simple. We have simple packages to choose from,
accept online payments, let you sign your contract digitally, and deliver finished
products in 6-8 weeks so they can be enjoyed for generations.

     You are important to us and we respect your time, which is why everything we
do is thoughtful and intentional. Including our booking process, pre-production,
filming, editing, and delivery. You will find us to be much more professional
than you anticipated. We work diligently before and after your wedding day
to make sure it is captured to the best of our abilities.

     Documenting your wedding day is an intimate job. We are right next to you
on the most important day of your life. We hope to feel like an old friend.
Our team is pleasant while maintaining professionalism. It is a delicate
balance that sets us apart and makes working with us more enjoyable.


Chelsea Adamo
organization queen

I am the wife of a gloriously bearded man and the mother of two beautiful children.  My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2010 and we consider it one of our best decisions one could make.

Artistic creativity has never come naturally to me so I am always impressed by those who seem to express it so effortlessly. I love being able to take care of the details so the artists can concentrate on their craft.


Matthew Moore
creative director

I am husband, a father, and a filmmaker.

Growing up, I was terrible at typical forms of art which caused me to believe I lacked creativity. As a teenager, I gave up on being creative. Until my 25th birthday. My wife generously bought me the Canon 7D I had been bugging her about. It was a dream come true. A year later, I filmed my first wedding with that camera, and the rest is history.

Now, I’ve shot over 100 weddings and each is unique and beautiful. I’ve found the entire process fun and fulfilling.  From the first email we receive, to the wedding day, to finally posting the wedding trailer online…it is a fantastic experience that never gets old. See more of my work at MatthewLeeMoore.com or FutureFoxMedia



My name is Christian DaCosta and this is my beautiful wife Amy and our little pup Decker.

Growing up, I saw myself pursuing business. Instead, I become a Filmmaker. After high school, I lived in Germany for a year going to school and randomly started making videos for fun. Soon, I realized I loved filming stories and making videos. This love for film making turned into a career I am passionate about.

Today I’m truly living out a dream. I can’t express how much I love what I do. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world and film some amazing stories. All of this wouldn’t be possible with out God. I give all glory to Him for all the good that I do.