We are located in Colorado. While most of our weddings are in Colorado, we aren’t afraid of earning some Southwest Rapid Rewards. We travel often and are always looking for unique weddings outside of Colorado. Mountains, beaches, little Baptist churches in the South…we are up for anything.

Our pricing can fluctuate throughout the year depending on the season or how busy we are. Contact us and we’ll get back to you with a customized quote. We typically respond in less than 24 hours. We aren’t the cheapest, but we believe you get what you pay for. Often with us, you get more than you pay for. If you’re looking for really cheap, check here > cheap wedding videos.

Our most popular Highlights Package is 8 hours. This typically keeps us at your wedding from getting ready until open dancing starts. If you are planning on having a longer wedding day, you can add up to 4 hours of coverage to any package.

We keep the process simple. You have enough things to stress about and your wedding videographer shouldn’t be one of them. Once you’ve filled out the contact form, we will send you a customized quote. Once you have selected your desired package, we will send you an electronic invoice and contract. You can then mail us a deposit check to reserve your date (paying with credit card is also an option). Our goal is to make your wedding planning simpler. You’re welcome 🙂

We upload them to the interwebs and let you download them. Thank Al Gore for this beautiful technology. Sorry, no DVD’s here.

It will take about eight weeks to receive your films, although the timeline can be somewhat longer during peak season. That is likely the fastest turnaround time you will find anywhere. If you’re considering other wedding videographers, this is a great question to ask them- some companies take 6-10 months! We promise to deliver as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. Keep in mind, it’s art not science.

Yes and no. Because of copyright laws, we can’t always use your favorite Taylor Swift song. Also, we are selective about our style and music choices. If you’re hiring us, hopefully it is because you like our style, too. That being said, we are happy to consider the genre you’re digging these days. We’ll do our best to match your style with your videos.

We love to travel! It’s one of our favorite things. Let us know when and where your wedding will be and we will give you a quote that includes all travel expenses.

Professional stuff, man. If you’re really that interested, we can talk shop after you hire us!
We’ve seen great films shot on an iPhone and terrible films shot with $50,000 cameras. It’s about the story telling, not the gear.

Raw footage is weird. There’s a lot of shots of our shoes on accident and some shots are blurry. We understand some people want to save all their footage for eternity, so you have the option to purchase a hard drive from us with all your raw footage on it. So yeah, we provide it if you buy it.

Yes please! One of us gets super grumpy when hungry, but by the time you figure out which one it is, it will be too late. So yes, please feed us and be kind enough to let us take a few breaks. We don’t hate open bars either. You scratch our backs, we’ll scratch yours 🙂