How to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy In 4 Easy Steps

They’re your closest friends, that’s why you asked them to be bridesmaids in the first place. It would be a shame if after your wedding, they weren’t talking to you anymore. Here are a few tips to keep them happy throughout your engagement and wedding day.

1.) Say thank you and say if often! Say it after they order their dress, buy shoes, make travel plans. Say it after they come to your shower and talk to your aunt for an hour. You should even say it after their plans for your bachelorette party didn’t match the insanely high expectations in your head. They are excited about your wedding but it is still costing them time and money. It’s good to be grateful and an honest “thank you” goes a long way (it’s a saying for a reason).

2.) Don’t forget to talk about something other than your wedding once in a while. Your wedding is a big deal to your friends but they still have their own stuff going on. Take a break from planning to take them out for a drink and then do the unthinkable; don’t bring up your wedding. Not even a backdoor bring up, you’re not fooling anyone with that move. Let your bridesmaid discuss their own life and focus on them.

3.) Help them get to know each other. If you have bridesmaids from different friend groups or times in your life, it’s nice to help them get to know each other before the big day. Throw a little mixer at your house with signature bridesmaid’s cocktail, this will help get conversations going. At the very least get an email chain going or a Facebook group. Then on the day of your wedding try to help them find things they have in common to talk about other than the honor of being in your wedding.

4) Help them financially whenever possible. If the budget allows for you to buy their dresses, then go for it. If the budget allows for their hotel room, then pay for their room. At the bare minimum, provide food for them throughout the weekend. Just keep in mind, not everyone’s parent’s are paying for the weekend.

They love you and they’re excited to share in your joy. Also they’re your bridesmaids so it’s ok to ask them for a few things. Just don’t go too crazy and remember, you have to be a friend to keep friends.


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