How to Make Your Wedding Pictures Even Better

It is always the wedding photographer’s job to make your pictures look amazing. However, there are some simple things you can do to help the process that doesn’t take away your time or attention from your special day.

  • Get ready in a room with natural light, any indoor lighting is usually yellow or too bright. Natural light is the most flattering. If natural light is not available to you, use candles, lots of them and all over the room.
  • If possible go over your schedule for the ‘day of ’ with your photographer and videographer. Midday light is pretty harsh so if you can, schedule photos at a different time then stick to that schedule.
  • Appoint a bridesmaid or bridesmaids to clean up around the room as you are getting ready. The first shot of you completely ready is going to be gorgeous, more gorgeous if there isn’t a plate with a half eaten sandwich in the corner.
  • If there is family tension, let your photographer know. A bridesmaid could be helpful in reminding them before the big family picture that you have two aunts who haven’t spoken in years and don’t want to stand next to each other.

All of these things can be taken care of ahead of time so you have the best possible pictures without any added stress to your wedding day.


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