How to Trim Your Guest List

If you are looking to save when planning your wedding, trimming your guest list is the absolute best place to start. Some couples decide they would rather not hurt anyone’s feelings, while others give in to the MOB’s request that your second cousin and his current girlfriend are on the list. However if you aren’t in love with the idea of a big wedding, you can trim the list and save money in the process.

But where to start? Who makes the list and who gets cut? We’ve compiled some tips to help you figure it out.

1.) Rank your friends.

This is probably not a great idea if you’re just doing it because you’re bored and trying to pass time but when planning a wedding its necessary. Make a few list. First is a list of people who you can’t imagine getting married without them there. Second list, the people you like a lot and would enjoy having at your wedding. Then a third list, the guest who you are inviting because you feel obligated. This list is usually made up of your parent’s friends, distant relatives and co-workers. Start here and get to cutting. Most people understand wedding budgets and won’t be angry at missing out. If they are angry at you, they’re probably not the people you want there anyway.

2.) Ditch the Kids

Beside your favorite nieces and nephews or flower girls and ring bearers, there isn’t room for all those little humans and they add up quick. This is also one of the easiest groups to cut from your list as most guests understand the couple’s desire for adults only party.

3.) Old Friends

We all have this person. You went to middle school together and you love them and every time you run into each other you catch up like no time has passed, blah blah blah. However you haven’t seen them or talked to them in a over a year, they get the ax. Save those spots for the friends you went out with last month and the first ones you called when you got engaged. And save that money for the honeymoon (or a videographer).

Telling people they aren’t invited to your big day is tough, we get it. There will be people who might expect to get an invitation, that don’t. But when it’s all said and done, remember that it’s your big day and you have the final say. Be bold. Be brave. God speed.



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