The Invention and Perfection of Slow Motion

This is not your typical wedding blog post but the slow motion video is not your typical wedding reception feature. In the early 1900’s August Musger, an Austrian priest used a mirrored drum as a synchronizing mechanism and some other science stuff and recorded a video of lightning striking the ground in slow motion. Thus the invention of the slow mo video. It is defined as an effect in film-making whereby time appears to be slowed down. Way down.

Since then, people have been using slow motion video to film everything from guns shooting, to people falling down stairs, to stuff exploding, like watermelons (that’s our second favorite use of slow motion).

Then, in 2015, Ampersand Family perfected the slow mo video by making it available for your wedding reception. Everyone says your wedding day will go by way too fast, what better way to slow it down than with an actual Slow Motion booth! We set the booth up at your reception, provide silly props and then you and guests can go crazy. Next we will take all the best clips and make it into a video that you can share and cherish for years to come. Guests love it and it’s being called the best new wedding trend. Be one of the first to have a Slow Motion booth at your wedding and your guest will be talking about it for years to come!

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