Kalin + Rachel – A Texas Plains Wedding

Sometimes I have no idea how people find us. Rachel contacted me one day because I had filmed her roommate’s high school friends’ wedding…or something like that. (Word-of-mouth advertising is all we can afford- lucky for us, it works!) Regardless of how Rachel found us, I am so glad that she did.

The timing of the wedding couldn’t have been any better. I was heading to Texas the week before her wedding to visit our families for the holidays. We extended our stay in Texas a few days to make it work. I will never complain about an extra few days in the great country of Texas!

As a native Texan, I was thrilled to film Kalin and Rachel’s rural wedding in the central plains of Texas. Their ceremony was held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church near Dublin, TX (home of Dr. Pepper!) and their reception was held at Stephenville Community Life Center. I was amazed at how beautiful this part of Texas was- the warm weather, the sunset, the cattle grazing in the background. I felt like I was driving through an old western movie.

My favorite part of their video is the look on Kalin’s face as Rachel walked down the aisle. Never seen a groom so ready for his bride. It was also great getting to know the friends and family of Kalin and Rachel- Southern hospitality is a real thing, ya’ll!

The photographers we worked with were great! Check out Mikka Hill Photography if you’re looking for a friendly, talented, easy-going professional photographer in Central Texas or the DFW metro area.

Best wishes to you both! Hoping our paths cross again soon.

Check out there Sneak Peek below or head over to my Vimeo page to see their full video

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