Is A Slow-mo Booth The Right Choice For Your Event?

The answer is YES!

You could get an original photo booth….if it’s a wedding for your grandmother. However, if you’re hosting an event for anyone who might enjoy the next big thing, the Slow-mo Booth is for you. If you just want to do the tiny photo thing like everyone else…then the Slow-mo Booth isn’t for you.

How do we create the magic?

We use high frame rate cameras to capture super slow-motion fun at your wedding reception. It takes everything we love about the classic photo booth (the props, the silly shots, the fun) and makes it more interactive. Then we take clips of everyone’s time in the Slow-mo Booth and make it into a really fun and entertaining video for you to share with friends and family. We make the video available for download for your guests too.

The Slow-mo Booth is available for any wedding, fundraiser or party in the Denver metro area, Rocky Mountain resorts or Front Range. You book the booth, we’ll bring the props and the insane fun will follow.

Check out examples of our high quality slow-mo videos:


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