The Top 5 Things No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding

You’ve been doing your research, reading blogs (just like this one) on how to plan a wedding and you’re feeling pretty prepared. We hate to burst your bubble, but no matter how much you study and prepare, something about the complexities (nice word for “difficulties”) of planning a wedding is going to catch you by surprise and cause stress. Here’s 5 things we recommend you watch out for:

1.) You might annoy someone with wedding talk…

As much as you try to talk about something other than your wedding you’ll find yourself bringing it up again…and again. It won’t be your fault that your friend mentioned Bernie Sanders and his white hair which reminds you of the white trim on your wedding cake! Just prepare yourself for the ensuing eye rolls.

2.) Someone…or everyone, will give you unsolicited advice.

You don’t want a band, you want a DJ. You have to do a first look! No, you can’t let the groom see you before the ceremony! Are you seriously going to have an ice cream bar instead of a classic wedding cake? Every one has an opinion, get ready to hear it whether you asked or not. The best way to handle it is to just smile and nod.

3.) You will fight with your fiancee.

He won’t care about a detail you thought he’d be excited about or he’ll care a lot about a detail you think is insignificant (grooms sock color much?). Something will come up and you will argue. Most likely it will be something really stupid. Try to take some time for a date night to help stay connected. Set a timer for an hour, or two and don’t mention anything wedding related during that time.

4.)  No matter how chill you want to be, you will have a Bridezilla moment.

The stress is going to get to you at some point or another. You’ll swear you are too relaxed to be a bridezilla but then your mom will make you try on one more dress even though you know you already tried on “the one” 86 dresses ago and you’ll snap. Just try to keep the destruction to a minimum and remember you’ll need friends after the wedding too.

5.) You will cry.

It might be because you’re happy, stressed, sleepy, anxious, nostalgic, overwhelmed, sad, or any other reason that seems completely legitimate to you. Go on, feel your feelings and let them out.

When one or all of these things happen to you, don’t panic. Just remember you’re planning a wedding and it’s completely normal. Take some time for yourself, get a pedicure or a cocktail (we recommend both!) and try to relax. It’s all going to be ok.


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