The Top 3 Ways to Have a Fun Reception Without Dancing

Dancing is pretty typical at most wedding receptions but maybe dancing isn’t your jam and you’d prefer another type of reception. It is completely possible to have a very fun reception without any dancing.

Here are our top 3 options for having an amazing reception, sans dancing:

1.) Opt for a picnic instead.

You could have buffet lines and tables set up so guest could eat and talk with leisure. If you’re going for the casual meal vibe, food trucks are really fun and give guests multiple meal options. Set up yard games like bean bag toss, ladder golf and giant tic tac toe. If it’s going to be chilly have some blankets out for your guest and maybe a camp fire.

2.) Have a fancy dinner party.

Treating your guest to a delicious dinner in a beautiful setting can be much more personal and intimate. This will also give them the opportunity to sit and talk with each other without having to talk over all the dancing. Keep the mood intimate with some nice jazz music and lots of candles.

3.) Play games.

You could have a wedding “I Spy” where typical wedding items are listed such as “bride and groom kiss,” or “mother of the bride crying” and have them cross them off as they see them. If you have them take photographic proof, it’s even more pictures of your wedding. Some brides opt for an arcade style reception. You can rent vintage video game machines, set up Guitar Hero and a few other favorites. I don’t think anyone crushing a Guitar Hero solo will be complaining about not dancing. If people do complain about not dancing, just swap out the Xbox game to Dance Dance Revolution and let them cut a rug.

If you’re thinking about skipping the song and dance (literally) we hope these ideas have helped. Please be prepared to have guest coming up to you to thank you for not making them dance.

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