The Top 5 Ways to Wow your Wedding Guest

When planning a wedding there are many details to attend to and they all make a difference on your big day. From the flavor of cake you want to the detail in your dress, every detail is important and your guest will notice the unique qualities of your wedding. However, there are a few extra things you can do to really wow them.

Here are our top five favorite ways to make your guest feel really special:

  1. A Welcome Gift

Many of your guest might be coming from out of town and making long trips to attend your wedding. Have a block of rooms set aside at the hotel (and ask for a discount for you and your guests) and provide a welcome basket or box for them when they arrive. Include a personalized welcome note from you and the groom, a little bottle of bubbly or something from a local shop. Maybe a gift card to a coffee shop nearby. This will start the weekend off right and communicate to your guests how appreciative you are they came.

  1. Anticipate Their Needs, Then Meet Them

If you’re having an outdoor reception provide some blankets in case they get chilly, or umbrellas if tut-tut looks like rain. Also walking on grass in high heels can get tricky so maybe put out a basket of flip flops (in assorted sized and in your wedding colors) to give them the option of ditching the heels and getting comfy. This will help them want to stay longer too.

  1. Provide Transportation

If they flew in from out of town there is a good chance they don’t have a car and are trying to figure out transportation to the wedding while also navigating a new city. Provide a shuttle from the hotel to the wedding site. Extra points if the shuttle is something fun like an old trolley car or a party bus. Again, they’ll party longer at the reception if they don’t have to worry about making it back to the hotel on their own.


  1. Let Them Ditch Their Kids

Most parents appreciate their children being included on the invite but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a break from them for a bit. Have a station for the kids with cake bites, coloring books, games and snacks kids love. Ask a few of your aunts and uncles to share shifts supervising the tiny guests while their parents have a drink or a dance. To take it even further, you can hire a professional babysitter. Check out for childcare professionals in the area.

  1. A Bubbly Bar

Everyone loves a good champagne bar and it’s really quite easy to arrange. First you obviously need plenty of champagne, a few different types of juices and plenty of fruit. Your guests can mix and match however they like making their own concoctions. To make it even more special, provide some bottles of sparkling cider for guest who don’t drink alcohol but still want to participate. 

The main thing to keep in mind is your guests love you and are excited for you. They’ll have fun simply reuniting with their friends and family to celebrate you…but you can make it ever more fun with just a few well thought-out activities for them.




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