Why Your Wedding Videographer Should Be Using a Drone

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re planning an epic wedding at a really beautiful location and you’re looking for someone who will help you capture that.

In the world of film, there’s something called an “establishing shot”. It’s the shot at the beginning of the video that sets the stage. You’ve seen it a million times and probably didn’t even realize it.

Think The Enterprise Starship floating through outer space in Star Trek, and then cut to scenes inside the ship.


Another great example is in one of my favorite tv shows, New Girl. Before they start a scene in their apartment, they show you a 1 second clip of the outside of their apartment. It helps your mind process where the hilarity will ensue.


They do this so your mind can understand where the scene you’re about to watch is taking place. We’ve all seen movies where they don’t do this well and subconsciously it’s difficult for our mind to understand the scene. The same is true for your wedding video. A lot of “highlights videos” are just a montage of music and clips of people getting ready. It leaves the watcher wondering where the wedding is taking place? Are we in the city? Are we in a cabin in the woods? Are we on a mountain top resort?

A drone is a beautiful way to set the scene and establish a location. It helps capture the beautiful surroundings and lets the watcher know where all of this magic is about to take place. It’s a great way to transition between different parts of the day as well. When we’re going from getting ready to the ceremony, showing a fun shot of the ceremony site from the air let’s everyone know what’s about to happen.

Simply owning a drone isn’t enough though. You have to know how to create beautiful cinematic shots, which is the hardest part. A lot of wedding cinematographers are getting drones now that the entry price is a little more affordable, however, not everyone knows how to get beautiful shots with them. Here are a few of our favorite shots that we’ve captured over the last year.


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